Bernina items only.
Forum rules
Rules for the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum
*Bernina items for buy/sell/trade only. Posts selling other items will be deleted without warning. Thanks.

1. All buyers and sellers acknowledge this forum has no liability for any transaction and that this forum provides no legal advice.
2. Please keep your comments to yourself. If you do not feel that the item is not worth the price listed, or that you have opinions on the items do not post your opinions in the thread. You may negotiate with the seller privately or don’t buy the item.
3. Use common sense.
4. Honest sellers, buyers, and traders only.
5. Multiple items must be listed in one posting.
6. Prices or values must be shown in the posting or they may be deleted.
7. Email must be shown in your profile, along with your address.
8. Lower offers should be made through email and not on the thread.
9. You may bump your posting every 24 hours.
10. You must adhere to the rules, and by posting to sell or responding to post, you agree to the rules.
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