Version 5 Designer Plus Windows Vista

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Version 5 Designer Plus Windows Vista

Postby rightshoeonly » Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:33 pm

I have Vista with my Version 5 Designer Plus. Before when I did not have Vista and I open up my designs I had no problem seeing them. Now when I open up my software and on picture view tab, I use the open file icon, the window opens and only shows bmp files. So I have to use the folder up top. to open my files.
When I click on I want, it doesn't show on my screen. It says the number across the top of the bar but I cannot locate it on the screen. I click on design view and sometimes show just the outline of the image. When I click on Artistic view it shows the same. Doesn't not what it would look like when stiitch out.
I am frustrated because I have not had this problem and I have looked thru the manual and that has not helped me. Is this because I have Vista????
Then I noticed my desgn file is not on my computer I just happen to find that from looking at the manual clicking on Portfolio. When I am in there I cannot get the files to show up and have the same problem as above. Any help will be wonderful.

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