Pull compensation & fabric settings

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Pull compensation & fabric settings

Postby mizlilly » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:44 pm

I am working on a simple design for a towel. It's a Monogram Wizard font (Charleston, underlay added in MW) inside an MP frame. I have stitched this frame before with an Embroidery Arts letter. It turned out fine.

I sometimes forget to select terry in the fabric settings... and sometimes forget to adjust pull compensation to .350mm for letters. Today I remembered both, but when I did, the onscreen stitching looked strange. These are both satin stitched objects, and once changed the stitching appeared to be uneven. Like the satin stitch was not smooth, stitches appeared to be a mm or two shorter or longer than the stitches beside them. So... should I only adjust one or the other, and if so, which one? Any other ideas or suggestions? TIA
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