New Bernina 350 Trouble threading needle

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Re: New Bernina 350 Trouble threading needle

Postby SewLucky » Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:33 pm

I watched all of the videos by Sarah about using the Bernina 3 series on YouTube last night. They are all excellent and there is one showing how to use the needle threader. I never knew that putting the presser foot down was the way to help use the need threader. I knew that the needle must be up into the slot all the way for the needle threader to work correctly. Anyway, if you have or are interested in the 3 series, I really recommend you search on YouTube for the videos. Also, one other tip that I have just recently heard before, is to have fabric under the presser foot and you don't have to hold the threads to the back -you can let them go. Also heard this applies on the coverstitch on a serger, that you must have fabric completely under the presser foot, not just under the edge, and you don't have to hold the threads.
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